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TotalPond UVC9 9 Watt UV Pond Clarifier

TotalPond UVC9

The TotalPond UVC-9 is perfect to keep your pond free of green algae. Designed for the smaller home ponds, it does a great job and it keeps them clear, clean and healthy. Ánd it does that for a nice, low price.

It can be used outside of the water, or submersed in the pond.

The unit is submersible and can be used inside or outside of the water depending on your preference or your pond setup. The lamp housing is totally sealed, so using it submersed is fine, and many people do use it successfully sthat way. If you decide to do so, you need to attach a weight to it to keep it from floating on top of the water (for example: use zip ties to attach to a brick).

Install this inline after the filter: pump -> filter -> UVC9
(Or if you prefer, you could also have it between the pump and the filter. Works either way. But installing it after the filter has more benefits.)

The pump is not included, so you need to either use an existing pump, or buy a new one.

This model includes a 9 watt bulb. This is a long life UV bulb that lasts up to 8,000 hours (or about 11 months of operation).


Volume of pond served

For use with ponds up to 2,000 gallons.


Pump to be used

Max gph of the pump to use is 560 gph.



  • Max flow: 330 gph
  • Max pond size: 2000 gal.
  • Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 6.2 x 12.8 inches ; 3.5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds

About TotalPond

TotalPond is a US company located in Florida with over 50 years of experience in the water gardening industry. They’re passionate about making fountains and garden ponds a permanent feature in backyards and front lawns.



This unit is very quick and easy to install. A bulb change, which needs to be done once every year, is also easy to do. The replacement bulb can be purchased at your local hardware store, or can be ordered online.

If ordered online, the unit tends to be cheaper than the local hardware or pet store and will be delivered at your door in no time. Often, the local shops will not carry this item.

Using a clarifier like the UVC-9 works a lot better to get rid of the green algae than adding floating plants to block the sun. It’s also much more effective and less effective than using chemicals to the pond.

It works fast, especially if you have a small size pond (smaller than 500 gals). As an example, some people have mentioned that in their 150 gal pond, this clarifier cleared the water within one day of operation.

If you have a bigger pond, it might take a bit longer. A typical scenario is: the water gets clearer in a few days, and after about two weeks the bottom can be seen again.



Sometimes people report that their uv is not clearing up the green in the pond. This could be due to a faulty bulb. This does happens sometimes in the transport, and it happens with all brands. In such a case, just contact the manufacturer and they will send a replacement.

Sometimes it happens that after a few days of use of the UV clarifier, the water tends to turn brown. This is not a sign that something is wrong. It’s the dead algae that are filling up the pond. The clarifier itself can’t remove the debris. So probably your filter is clogged up by the dead algae, so you need to clean your filter more regularly. As time goes by and your pond becomes clearer, you will need to clean it less and less.


What Other People Say

Most people are very pleased with the results of the UV light. Their comments go from a conservative “This filter did its job within 2 days”, to more exuberant expessions like: “This UV light is awesome!”, or: “Best filter ever.”

Some people that have used chemical algaecides and floating plants to block the sun, say that nothing worked as well as the TotalPond UVC-9.


Let’s look at a few comments from customers, as they appear on Amazon.com.

About the efficiency:

“It is amazing how the product performs in such a short time.”

About the price:

“Product is just as effective for me as others were at twice the price.”

“Cleared my pond right up and the cost was half of what the local pond store wanted for the same exact product! Although I do like to keep the small local stores in business…but I couldn’t pass on the online price!”

Read more reviews on Amazon here



Don’t waste your money or time on additives, this light is all you need for a clear pond. If you want something that works well to get rid of the green algae in your home pond, and on a budget, this UV light is ideal.

See the current price on amazon here


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